BIOVOICE. COVID-19 Measures & adjustments

The corona crisis is hitting society and the economy hard. The latter is especially true for SMEs and start-ups. We understand well that many of you are currently focused on keeping your business going. BioVoice offers new business opportunities based on concrete questions from large companies. Because we would like to give as many entrepreneurs as possible the opportunity to find out whether one of our challenges might provide an extra boost for them, we adjust this BioVoice round in the following way.

  1. Extension of the registration period. We are moving the application deadline from Thursday 9 April to Friday 8 May at 5 pm. In this way, we give interested parties more time to take a good look at the challenges. The challengers1) simply answer all questions asked during this period. Sometimes this may take 2) a little longer than usual, we ask for your understanding.
  2. Selection. The selection will take place in the week of 11 May. We will communicate no later than Friday 15 May to the participants who have been selected for the introduction.
  3. Introduction. In the week of May 25 (and possibly in the week of June 1) we organize the introduction to the selected participants digitally and partly 1-on-1. The specialists and lawyers of BioVoice will discuss via webinars topics such as confidentiality and IP, and of course all practical matters regarding the program, the ecosystem and the agreements to be made. In addition, 1-to-1 (video) calls are made between the participant and the challenger, under the supervision of a BioVoice coach. For example, the challenges are discussed in detail and explained technically and you as a participant can ask all your remaining questions.
  4. Continued. The challenge weeks will be moved to September. Over a period of 4 weeks, participants will work intensively for a number of days to earn an innovation contact and vouchers.

In short; we are and will continue to work hard to make as many matches as possible between large companies and SMEs / start-ups. BioVoice helps you with a potential launching customer, financial support and coaching and guidance.

If you have any questions, comments or if you just want to discuss your options in BioVoice, please contact program manager Bob Houpst from REWIN (T +31 6 143 14 825). He is happy to speak to you!


  1. LambWeston / Meijer chooses to focus on its core business during this period and has temporarily suspended its challenge regarding graying of the potato products. This means that the registration is closed immediately. For further questions, please contact
  2. Due to other urgent matters, this will especially apply to Cargill. It may therefore take a while before your questions about the challenges "reuse of water" and "recovery of phosphate" are answered.