Business Accelerator
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Bio-circular Innovaties


Marcel Ernes – Interim Director Sales & Marketing

It is my aim to make my personal contribution to a new bio-circular economy. A world in which we cherish the raw materials our planet has to offer; our future generations deserve a good life. If chemistry can help replace fossil raw materials with a renewable alternative, we are able to make a real contribution.

Arjan Oostvogels – Interim Director Operations & EHSS

In day-to-day practice, I focus on facilitating our community members as optimally as possible. In practical terms, this mainly focuses on the management and maintenance of the facilities on the Green Chemistry Campus, the management and supervision of the Service Level Agreements (SLAs) with our partners, and the management and supervision of the applicable care system procedure and instructions. In addition, the policy and implementation of the further sustainability of the GCC are important areas for me.

Luuk van Schijndel – Technical Account Manager

The purpose of sustainable chemistry is different for everyone. A lower footprint, cost savings or less waste of raw materials. A common denominator is the drive to bring new technology, raw materials and processes together to achieve these goals. That makes it beautiful: different drivers, a common passion for chemistry and technology. It is my goal to help entrepreneurs with the facilities and expertise of the Campus to get their innovations to market successfully at an accelerated pace.

Sadaf Achakzai – Junior manager technical acquisition

Chemical engineer, BSc HZ University of applied sciences. For GCC I concentrate on managing contacts with our current community members and recruiting new relationships. Fulfilling the agreements with care for our business and future partners has a high priority. I am available for supervising projects and for analytical support. Furthermore I am involved in the BioVoice program. I would like to encourage my environment to live sustainably, not to use up the earth any further, but to use our natural resources better and more sustainably through smart technology and more sensible use of materials.

Emke Mol – Marketing & communicatie manager

From the positioning of the GCC to the co-development of services, from organizing events to PR and from stakeholder management to social media. In short, I am responsible for everything that has to do with MarCom. Not only for the GCC, but also for the Shared Research Center Biorizon that is located on the same premises. On the GCC, everything I value is present: sustainability, innovation, entrepreneurship, enthusiasm and a genuine drive to make a difference.

Petra Vermunt – Marketing communications specialist

In the GCC MarCom process I am specifically concerned with the realization of creative and production-oriented processes. I have experience in the international marketing in the chemical industry and worked at various marketing communication agencies. With great pleasure I am now also involved in promoting the circular, biobased community; it is a privilege to participate in the activities of a biobased front runner such as the Green Chemistry Campus.

Corné van Loenhout – Consultant

I have a strong preference for the basic principles of the cradle to cradle philosophy. A correct application of renewable raw materials, responsible water and energy use and respect for our environment in the broadest sense of the word. At the moment I am working on the transition of the printing industry (linear is circular). My strength lies in my network, the natural need to be helpful and my hands-on mentality when it comes to personal and business development.

Peter van der Ham – Consultant

In addition to the acquisition of parties (starters, research institutions and companies), I am involved in the development of green projects that fit within the focus of the GCC. This is often something that involves consultation with several parties and therefore requires a long breath. After a green start as a biotechnologist in the early 80s, I have been allowed to work in the petrochemical industry for 35 wonderful years. In recent years I have been working on green chemistry, a new field and a great challenge to pass on to young chemists and chemical technologists.

Eddie Clarijs – Packaging expert

My specialization is the development process of circular packaging. For example, packages that are variable in the time it takes to biodegrade them.

Vincent van den Bosch – Advisor financing and subsidies

I have a broad experience in applying for municipal, regional, national and European subsidies, tax options, financing options from business angels, crowdfunding, European Investment Bank, World Bank and other banks.

Joop van Hesteren – Physical-organic chemist

I advise and assist companies in the field of chemical product development, including plastics and coatings.





Joop Groen – Chemical technologist, business administrator (MBA) and entrepreneur

Accessible for advice in the field of biobased developments, network in chemistry, biobased and innovation, chemical and process technology, biomass sourcing / processing and applications, business development, entrepreneurship and individual / team personal development.