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Do you have the technology in order and are you looking for additional expertise in the field of financing, entrepreneurship, IP and / or laws and regulations? Can you use a product coach? These business experts will help you on your way to the next phase.

Marcel Ernes – Business Development Manager

Graag draag ik mijn steentje bij aan de realisatie van een bio-circulaire economie. Een wereld waarin we met elkaar zorg dragen voor de grondstoffen die onze planeet te bieden heeft; ook onze toekomstige generaties moeten een goed leven kunnen hebben. Als de chemie kan helpen om fossiele grondstoffen te vervangen door een hernieuwbaar alternatief, kunnen we een èchte bijdrage leveren.

Contact: Marcel Ernes of +31 (0)6 4033 1766


Corné van Loenhout - Business Development Consultant

Tried and tested as a "green entrepreneur": Corné sees and uses opportunities and recognizes pitfalls. Enthusiastic and enterprising connector who is always looking for the best way to help you. Corné knows his way around the Biobased Delta and the triple helix. Do you have a question about the Biobased Delta or the Green Chemistry Campus? Do you want to know something about biobased business development? Corné is happy to help you.

Contact: Corné van Loenhout or +31 (0) 6 51 38 62 71.

Vincent van den Bosch - Financing & subsidy advice

Arranging financing or applying for a subsidy can be quite complicated and time consuming. Our financial expert will assist you with advice and assistance. Do you need funding to scale up? Is there a need for an investor or a loan? Vincent maps the question and the possibilities. He advises on all possible subsidy schemes and concretely assists with applications and reports. He knows the network of (in) formal investors. Vincent likes to think along.

Contact: Vincent van den Bosch or +31 (0) 6 31 97 69 09

Geert Mol - Biobased Business Developer of the Green Chemistry Innovation Lab

Geert helps (starting) entrepreneurs in developing their biobased plans. Do you have an idea and would you like to have materials tested or explore process conditions? The Green Chemistry Innovation Lab also provides financial support in the form of in-kind research and assistance in applying for grants.

Contact: Geert Mol or +31 (0) 6 16 98 72 88.


Our network includes many more substantive experts, including:

  1. IP expert
  2. Legislative and regulatory expert
  3. Product coach
  4. MarCom & event support.

Submit your question to marcel Ernes and he will help you further. Contact: Marcel Ernes or +31 (0) 6 40 33 17 66.