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Green Chemistry Campus


BiorizonShared Research Center Biorizon, an initiative of TNO, VITO, ECN and the Green Chemistry Campus, focuses on the technology development for the production of functionalized biobased aromatics.


TNOThe mission of TNO is: To bring people and knowledge together in order to enable innovations which would strengthen the competitive ability of firms and improve the wellbeing of the society. TNO is breaking down boundaries by combining expertise and the development of shared research like the Green Chemistry Campus. The sustainability revolution in the chemical industry brings along great opportunities to implement innovations in the way we use raw materials, production processes and value chains.


VITOAs independent and customer-oriented research organization, VITO provides innovative technological solutions as well as scientifically based advice and support in order to stimulate sustainable development and reinforce the economic and social fabric of Flanders.

Gova Handelskwekerij

Gova HandelskwekerijPotentia and Plantis; Power from Plants: from Gova's Laurel nursery and the range of investigations that have been carried out for years in-house, the idea has arisen to process the pruned bay leaf into new products. This in the context of "No Waste", our 100% sustainable objective and the power that we see in plants. To this end, Gova has built its own laboratory in which they examine plant materials and process them into innovative products in areas such as Culinary and Care.

Gooskens Hout

Gooskens HoutPine is a widely used type of wood that is widely available in the Netherlands. However, the wood is not resistant to weather influences and is therefore not often used untreated. With polytreat, an attempt is made to extend the life of pine. Polytreat is the polymerization of pyrrole on the wood surface, creating polypyrrole that gives the wood a matt black color in addition to protection. Polypyrrole is a special polymer with a number of special properties including (UV) radiation absorption and reflection and thus also sunlight. Pyrrole can be extracted from biomass. We see in GCC a partner who can support us in conducting aging and sustainability tests, the biological origin of pyrrole, process optimization and possibly also LCA analyzes.

http://www.dutchwatertech.nlDutch Water Tech specializes in the biological and sustainable approach to problems in surface waters and what comes out of them. Projects range from projects in large water features to the sustainable approach to odor in sewage systems. In this way they help municipalities, water boards and government-related services in the field of water quality and biodiversity. They use sustainable resources such as aquatic plants or bacteria that break down sludge layers. They also use biopolymer products for bank protection, such as a cage to protect aquatic plants in park ponds from geese. Dutch Water Tech, a BioVoice winner, is already based in Bergen op Zoom. CEO Mark den Dubbelden: 'I had heard of the Green Chemistry Campus before, but only since BioVoice did I find out how valuable the network of the community can be for us. Together with Rodenburg Biopolymers we will now develop a product for oyster farming. "

Evodos Dynamic Settlers

Evodos Dynamic SettlersEvodos is a manufacturer of equipment for separating solid particles into liquids. Early 2019 Evodos won one of the BioVoice challenges and will soon install an installation together with Cargill in the Demo Facility of the Campus to demonstrate the efficiency of the Evodos method for dewatering biomass. "Evodos game changing separation technology", is a patented Dutch 100% mechanical technology for separating liquid and solid particles up to a micron size. Applications can already be found in algae cultivation, manure processing, oil and gas drilling fluids and dewatering of biomass.


VibersWe want to replace raw materials that damage our environment by bio based substitutes. By cultivating green raw materials locally we will reduce CO2 and compensate for the massive tree-cutting, mining and plastic waste all over the world. Our raw material, the Miscanthus Giganteus (Elephant Grass), is suitable for a diverse range of sustainable products and will contribute to a better world due to its circular nature.

Nettenergy BV

Nettenergy BVNettenergy produces renewable energy and material on the basis of plant biomass. We specialize in developing the innovative 2nd generation flash pyrolysis technology PyroFlash and in producing high quality pyrolysis oil (3% water content, HHV 24 MJ/kg). Nettenergy focuses on local markets in which the raw material (wood, grass, crop residues) for the pyrolysis process are already present. Nettenergy enables owners of this resource (municipalities, forest managers, farmers) to generate electricity and heat. Nettenergy introduces a unique concept: the mobile pyrolysis plant.

Nimaro Ageno Consult

Nimaro Ageno ConsultHenri Gr├╝nbauer is an independent consultant supporting clients in the chemcial industry faced with the need to improve performance of existing products, to accelerate product development or to invent and launch new products to the market place. Served clients located in USA, Germany, Sweden and the Netherlands. Specialised in biobased feedstocks and products.

Rubia 100% Natural Colours

Rubia 100% Natural ColoursRubia 100% Natural Colours produces natural colour agents from a renewable, natural source. The company operates within the business to business market and in this way, it helps producers to realize durable processes and products.


ImpershieldBio-polymer producer Impershield supplies products and applications based on natural polymers for the protection of natural brick, concrete brick and natural acrylic substitutes to the paint industry, packaging industry and construction. Vegetable resins and oils and Maya knowledge form the basis for the products. The combination of product development in Mexico and applied research in Europe ensures continuous innovation and expansion of the range of available products.

Cyber Colloids

Cyber ColloidsCyberColloids is a unique organisation devoted to bringing texture innovation to the food industry thus enabling companies to cost effectively add value through R&D. The company is seen as an established centre of excellence, especially in polysaccharide chemistry, with a global reach and a successful participant in EU funded research. They are an Irish based SME with staff also in the UK.

Alpha Packaging Europe

Alpha Packaging EuropeAlpha Packaging is an American producer of PET and rPET bottles and jars for the consumer market. At our establishment in Etten-Leur, we produce packaging for food, food supplements, pharmaceuticals, personal care and cleaning products in a wide variety of styles and colors. We offer our customers a choice of more than 300 standard products and also develop a lot of customized. Our innovative production process is based on single stage technology of injection stretch blow molding. Our customers are central and quality is our top priority. We are BRC AA certified; the global standard for food safety. Sustainability is also one of our central themes. We strive for "zero waste" so that ultimately all our production waste goes out the door as a new product or as a raw material for a new product. We already produce many products from 100% recycled PET (rPET). In addition, we would like to inform ourselves via the community of the Green Chemistry Campus about developments in the field of plant materials for packaging products, in order to respond to this in the future.

Centre of Expertise Biobased Economy

Centre of Expertise Biobased EconomyIn order to stimulate knowledge developments within companies and to bundle knowledge from different knowledge institutions, the Avans University of Applied Sciences and HZ University of Applied Sciences has created the Centre of Expertise Biobased Economy. Besides the focus on educating and research it is also an knowledge center. For the purpose of sharing and disseminating the Centre of Expertise is cooperating with other knowledge institutions like the WUR, HZ University, HAS Den Bosch and ROC West Brabant. On weekly basis Han van Osch will be the point of contact in name of Avans Hogeschool.

Groene Vaert

Groene VaertManagement and consultancy in the field of the bio based economy and related cleantech activities by Willem Sederel.


LightronicsLightronics - as a manufacturer of lighting solutions for the (semi) public space - is a partner of governments, public transport organizations, energy companies, industry, housing cooperatives, architects and installers. The company has been in existence for more than seventy years and is based in Waalwijk. Lightronics strives for inventive lighting solutions that have a minimal impact on the environment. They do this by, among other things, energy-efficient lighting technology and opting for recyclable materials. Efficiency in production, storage and transport translates into a sustainable end product. To guarantee quality, semi-finished products and end products are checked and tested on many points, in accordance with ISO9001 and ISO2859. The safety and performance of Lightronics products are guaranteed by, among others, the DEKRA Led Performance certificate and the paint certificate Qualitycoat ISO12944.

Barrista Facilitair Bedrijf

Barrista Facilitair BedrijfBarrista is at the forefront of creating innovative, effective and attractively priced solutions in the areas of cleaning, window cleaning, catering, advice on materials, and unburdening us through practical, high-quality and reliable advice to our customers. Barrista contributes to a better environment. We limit commuting wherever possible, work in a more environmentally friendly way and opt for fuel-efficient company cars. We also buy as many environmentally-friendly cleaning products as possible and our team consciously uses water and energy to limit waste.

Bamboe Events

Bamboe Events"With a green touch." We think organizing an event at a natural location is the best there is. In the forest, in a meadow, in a green place where you can hear the wind blowing and the birds chirping. The light is different and we have to compete with the elements of nature. Of course, we do not always have that under control, but Bamboo Events experiences this as a challenge! We can create any atmosphere that we aim for.

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