Business Accelerator
for scaling up
Bio-circular Innovations

Mission & Vision


Stimulating, facilitating, validating and supporting regional companies, projects and initiatives with a commercial and social objective that lead to new circular biobased building blocks (raw materials) and applications. In doing so, the Green Chemistry Campus wants to make an important contribution to the biocircular economy of the region in the form of labor and business activities. This way, the Green Chemistry Campus contributes to the transition from long to short-cycle CO2 raw materials in the Netherlands and the world.


Businesses, governments and knowledge and educational institutions join forces at the Green Chemistry Campus for a sustainable future. Together we contribute to achieving the objectives in the national Climate Agreement and those of the EU. The Green Chemistry Campus contributes to this by being a leading intermediate circular biobased organization in West Brabant with an economic impact that strengthens the regional circular biobased ecosystem.


The ambition of the Green Chemistry Campus – together with its partners in the regional network of the Biobased Delta – is to maintain a leading European circular biobased region in which the Green Chemistry Campus aims to be the beating heart. A heart that cannot beat without the Biobased Delta, the application centers, REWIN, the (biobased) entrepreneurs and government, research and knowledge institutions.