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for scaling up
Bio-circular Innovations


The Green Chemistry Campus is located on the site of SABIC in Bergen op Zoom, one of the world's leading producers of chemicals, fertilizers and plastics. The site is therefore fully equipped to scale up biocircular innovations in terms of infrastructure, permits and possibilities.

The Campus is part of the Biobased Delta and is literally at the crossroads of agro and chemistry. Bergen op Zoom is the ideal biocircular innovation location. In West Brabant, various agricultural residual flows are available on a large scale, while there are also many companies on the "demand side"; companies looking for ways to make processes or products more sustainable with biocircular materials or biocircular products.

In the region we have various chemical plants and specialized application centers that provide knowledge and facilities.

Green Chemistry Campus is a COCI location

The Green Chemistry Campus has been designated by Holland Chemistry as COCI: Center for Open Chemical Innovation. In a COCI, a young company will find all kinds of facilities and environmental permits that are necessary to scale up.