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Biobased Innovations

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Green Chemistry Campus in Bergen op Zoom is an incubator where entrepreneurs, governments and knowledge institutes work on scaling up biobased and circulair innovations. Our focus is on technologies, chemical building blocks and products that allow us to make a significant impact: pyrolysis, bio-aromatics and applications with superior characteristics.

The campus offers laboratoria, a demo facility, office and meeting rooms, technological and business expertise and a lively community of innovative entrepreneurs inspiring and helping each other. Together we build the circular economy and a strong region. 

Please watch the video and let us know how we can help you.

Green Chemistry Campus facilitates biobased innovation by offering:

  1. Fully equipped office spaces & meeting rooms
  2. World-class laboratories
  3. A demo facility in case you need to scale up your biobased innovation
  4. Content experts for technological support
  5. Business development support
  6. BioVoice if you want to put your innovation into practice right away
  7. The online network of the Circular Biobased Delta

Do you want to know more about how the Green Chemistry Campus can help you? Want to know more? Please contact us. Or take a look the Green Chemistry Campus Brochure (.pdf).