With the help of a financial contribution from the Province of Noord-Brabant, the municipality of Bergen op Zoom, in cooperation with the Green Chemistry Campus, has € 1,187,500 available for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) from the European Union that are active in the biobased economy. Requests are coming in so apply quickly.


Funding for scaling up

The municipality of Bergen op Zoom sees SMEs and start-ups as important pivotal in the new economy. They are often flexible and agile, able to innovate and bring products to market in the short term. Financing is then extremely important in order to be able to switch from a laboratory and test phase to a production phase.

A maximum of € 95,000 per application in the form of co-financing

However, the financing possibilities for SMEs are complex and often do not match their needs. From 1 September 2020 to 1 June 2023, entrepreneurs can call on the 'Biobased Economy - Green Chemistry Campus subsidy arrangement'. A maximum of € 95,000 is available per application (1x50K + 3x15K to be stacked into one application). These contributions will be provided in the form of co-financing. This means that a company contributes the same (inkind) amount as the subsidy contribution.

Regional push for the biobased economy

Buisness Developer Marcel Ernes of the Green Chemistry Campus is delighted with the scheme: “This is a regional boost for the biobased economy, for which I am very grateful to Alderman Jeroen de Lange of the municipality of Bergen op Zoom and deputy Martijn van Gruijthuijsen of the province of Noord-Brabant.”

Good starting position

The province of Noord-Brabant contributes to this scheme because it sees the biobased economy as a driving force for the knowledge economy and employment in Brabant. Noord-Brabant is in a good position to develop the biobased economy: the existing chemistry uses residues from the agro-food sector. The province of Noord-Brabant is working together with knowledge partners, the business community and development companies to develop clusters and chains that make the difference (inter)nationally.

The Green Chemistry Campus is an incubator for entrepreneurs who want to scale up their biobased innovations. The campus offers laboratories, a demo facility, office and meeting rooms and technological and business expertise. In addition, the campus offers starting entrepreneurs the Green Chemistry Innovation Lab: a business accelerator for bio-circular ideas with market potential.

More information

The procedures are explained on the website of and the municipality of Bergen op Zoom. The procedues are only available in Dutch. Please contact the Green Chemistry Campus for details.

For more information about the financing of biobased innovation, also from other schemes, banks or private investors, or a free consultation, please contact us.

Download the factsheet Incentive Programme Bergen op Zoom.