Green Chemistry Campus

Accelerating Biobased Business

The Green Chemistry Campus multiplies the chances of biobased business success for entrepreneurs who work on biobased innovations on the cutting edge of agro and chemistry.

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Biorizon >> The Way to Aromatics

Shared Research Center Biorizon focuses on the technology development for the production of biobased aromatics for performance materials, chemicals & coatings.

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Biorizon covered by TV show Booming Brabant

Last week Shared Research Center Biorizon was covered by the Dutch TV show Booming Brabant. Scientific manager Jan Harm Urbanus and manager business development Joop Groen show how bio-aromatics can be developed from manure and sieving material from wastewater.
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Nettenergy expands to Australia, South Pacific, USA & Ukraine

Nettenergy, that is based on the Green Chemistry Campus, is expanding rapidly as it has started a collaboration with business partners in Australia, South Pacific, the USA and Ukraine. Previously Nettenergy established collaborations with business partners in India and The Netherlands. The PyroFlash technology that Nettenergy has developed is unique in its production of bio-crude oil, wood gas, bio-char and other valuable bio-generated products. Because the production is scalable, mobile and self-sufficient it offers an attractive business model.
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Call for participation: equipment suppliers to work on purification technologies for aromatics

Shared Research Center Biorizon, that is located at the Green Chemistry Campus, is currently setting up a new project that aims to build an infrastructure to purify aromatics; acids in particular. For this new project Biorizon is looking for equipment supply companies that are interested to participate.
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04-25-2017  - 04-27-2017 / Lille, France

Plant Based Summit 2017

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05-10-2017  - 05-11-2017 / Cologne, Germany

10th International Conference on Bio-based Materials

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10-09-2017  - 10-11-2017 / Brussels, Belgium

EFIB 2017

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